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WebSite Tonight®

SampleThink you don't have the time or know-how to build your own Web site? Think again! Making your Website is a snap with WebSite Tonight®!

WebSite Tonight® is an online application suite for creating your website yourself directly from your web browser, using top quality templates.

WebSite Tonight® makes it fun for ANYONE to create their own site, without spending a fortune! It's so fast and easy-to-use, everyone will think you paid thousands of dollars to have it created for you. And it's oh-so affordable -- we've even included Hosting (with 99.9% uptime guarantee) and Email at no extra charge. The only extra is your domain name!

In addition to the choice of custom color sets, over 100 professionally designed templates, more than 1,700 premium images and so much more, you can ADD FLASH INTROS. You can offer even more PIZZAZZ to your site and impress your visitors -- you can choose from 30 Intros in all!

Plus, you can create an unlimited number of pages with WEBSITE TONIGHT PREMIUM... and that means unlimited possibilities. Give Website Tonight ECONOMY, DELUXE or PREMIUM a try -- the only thing holding you back is your imaginations. Price starts at just $5.99/month!

So what are you waiting for? Create your Web site and get it up and running today!

How to get Website Tonight®

You can buy Website Tonight through our online store, FGIStore. Examples of Flash Intros, Web sites, and Templates, and a step-by-step walk through have also been added to our FGIStore WebSite Tonight product page...

Complete features

WebSite Tonight offers ready-made Flash Introductions that you can easily add to your Web site. All you have to do is select a template, enter the text you want, and then save. When users go to your Web page, they see the introduction first, and then they can enter your Web site. Users also have the option of skipping the introduction. Some examples of the flash templates available are displayed in FGIStore.

  • It's easy! Just choose from over 100 professionally designed templates; add your own photos or graphics; and type in your own text. No manuals to read, no technical language to learn — you'll build your site right inside your familiar Web browser!
  • It's fast! You build your Web site in real time. Just open your Internet browser, select your images and type your text. In the time it takes to do it, your site gets built and/or updated.
  • It's fun! There are no complicated or time-consuming steps to struggle through — just point, click and enjoy! Create your own personalized Web site in minutes, complete with your choice of custom color sets and over 1,700 premium images. Or use your favorite personal photos for a site that's truly one-of-a-kind! Plus, with Flash Intros, you can add even more PIZZAZZ - choose from 30 Intros in all.
  • It's affordable! A 5-page Economy site — plenty of space for most anyone — is just $5.99 per month. And that INCLUDES hosting and an email account, FREE. If you purchase 12 months, you receives a 10% discount, and every 24-month purchase means a 15% savings!
  • It's full featured! WebSite Tonight gives you templates and tools, security with password-protected Web pages, specialty content and editing features – including RSS Feeds - and MUCH MORE!

Each WebSite Tonight® plan – Economy, Deluxe and Premium – offers these features so building your web site is fast, easy — and fun!


  • RSS Feeds
  • Flash Intros
  • HTML Editing
  • Spell Check
  • HTML Importing
  • Copyright Statement
  • Theme-based Categories
  • Over 100 Professionally Designed Templates
  • Shared Content
  • Password-protected pages
  • Professionally Designed Color Schemes
  • Customizable Color Schemes
  • Specialty Content
  • Site Preview
  • Image Editing (editor/wysiwyg)
  • Text Editing (wysiwyg)
  • Form Builder
  • Add Images (Over 1700 included)
  • Publish a "Coming Soon" page in 3 easy steps
  • Built-in hosting


  • Publish Within Application
  • Meta Tags
  • Add Page Keywords and Descriptions
  • Site Analysis
  • Publish Log

Page Elements:

  • Customize and Add Label
  • Supports JavaScript's
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Hit Counter
  • Scrolling Marquee
  • Date / Time Stamp
  • Add Photo Album Links
  • Edit Forms

Web Site Management & Tools:

  • Secure Hosting with Generous Disk Space/Bandwidth
  • Spam & Virus-Protected Email Account
  • Email Forwards
  • Fast Backup and Restore
  • Rebuild
  • Fonts

We offer a full range of demos so you can see WebSite Tonight in action. All you have to do is go to FGIStore and select the See it in Action tab in the lower part of the Website Tonight page.

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