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A far better altenative than Hotmail™!

Request the configuration of your free @fgienr.net Open eXchange Webmail 2.0 account, with software protection to block virus and phishing, and filter spam.

There is absolutely no advertisement in our email. We are offering free email because we want the FGI brand and network to be recognized and trusted. We have the capacity to manage hundreds of email accounts without any impact on performance.

To open OX Webmail 2.0, use email.fgienr.net

Features of fgienr.net OX Webmail 2.0

    Sample interface
  • Advanced AJAX interface
  • Compatible with latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
  • Strong filters and content scanner to block spam, virus and phishing
  • Ability to sort, highlight and flag e-mail messages
  • Ability to select time zone and one of seven languages for the interface
  • Customize Date and Hour Format
  • Easily Manage Your Folders
  • Calendar with permissions for multiple users
  • Private Tasks Manager
  • Contacts Book
  • Multiple identities
  • Import tasks, appointments or contacts from iCal, vCard or CSV files
  • Vacation/Auto-reply message
  • HTML compose

No obligation on your part: you can cease using it whenever you want!

If you are not interested in a @fgienr.net free email account, perhaps you will be by those offers below:

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