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To achieve our goal of making it possible for everyone to get a distinctive place on the Internet, we are offering great products and services for the best price possible, by maintaining a rigorous politic of effective spending.

FGI is...

  • Managed by a self employed
  • Based in Villeray, Montreal, Quebec
  • User of the Internet since 1993
  • Programming websites since September, 1996
  • Concluding contracts since September, 1997
  • Registered under the Quebec law as FGI (NEQ 2248250898) since January, 1999

FGI is also doing translation from English to French (click here for more informations on translation).

To contact us, use our e-mail form.

For all those of you who needs internet services like webhosting, domain names, website creation and promotion tools, online products catalogs and the likes, we have made an online store. In our FGIStore online store, you can buy everything useful at very affordable prices. To reach it, click here to open an account, or follow one of the hyperlinks in the righthand menu.

FGI enr. stands for FGI enregistrée, enregistrée being the French term for registered, the legal status of the company.

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